Other Group Companies

HMA Data Systems Pvt. Ltd (HMAD) (the parent & promoter company), established in the year 1988, were the pioneers in Security Product Distribution and Self Service Terminals as well as of other lines of business, including software, hardware, middleware and switching solutions.

HMASTARware Pvt Ltd (HMAS), [now under the unified umbrella of CGS Pvt. Ltd. – CashLink Global Systems Pvt. Ltd.,] recognized as the leaders in open-platform & open-source switching, reconciliation, middleware and in card issuance management solutions, offer a complete range of Middleware solutions through its specialized Offsite - Onsite delivery models.


  • EzLink Enterprise
  • StarCAS
  • StarRECON
  • StarIFPS
  • StarFIPS
  • IST/Switch


In addition to offering distinctive and innovative ‘top of the line’ software solutions, HMAS provides complete software development lifecycle services, as well as post- implementation services.

Project Management: HMAS follows the Total System Integration approach. Our project managers work in tandem with the client to cater to each of its specific needs at every stage and ensure total success of the project.

Facility Management: Manning the installation with an expert from HMA, is another key service offered by HMAS. Support and day-to-day maintenance of the facility, reduces the bank’s overheads of expensive and trained manpower. Additionally, Facility Management enables transfer of technological know-how, thereby enabling the banks to reap the maximum benefits.

Support: The Customer Support Program of HMAS, ensures hassle-free, timely and dependable operations. Our team of experts is well trained to offer instant telephonic assistance at each point of time and crisis.

Consultancy : HMAS provides consultancy services including technical consultancy, manpower outsourcing and range of other specialized retail-banking advisory solutions through its panel of experts. To ensure effective and efficient delivery of customized solutions, the expertise of each consultant, in terms of experience and skills, is critically analyzed prior to the inception of the project.

Having consolidated its position in serving the banking industry with state-of-the-art retail banking solutions, the Group ventured into the business of land banking, promotion and development in the year 2004. The core competency of the company is to purchase land with the objective of promoting & constructing amusement parks, theme parks, beach resorts, guest houses, commercial residential flats, commercial complexes, theatres and other kind of buildings and sell or lease/rent the same.

Over 3 Decades of domain knowledge in offering state-of-the-art retail banking automation