Automated Teller Machines

Partnering with Hitachi, OKI, De La Rue & NCR, CashLink Global Systems (CGS) is able to deliver best-in-class self-service solutions to the leading financial institutions, with an unrivalled portfolio to suit all transaction volumes and locations.

Cash Recycling Machines

Cash Recycling Machines enable financial institutions to provide convenient services to its customers and at the same time offer operational efficiency and cost savings. Our technologically advanced products, combine hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security to provide high reliability. Combined with end to end managed services our offerings are among the most comprehensive in the market.

The value proposition of cash recycling machines are as follows:

  • Reduced cash handling cost and interest cost. Since the cash deposited by the customer can be used for cash withdrawal, the frequency of cash loading and replenishment and idle cash in ATM can be minimized.

  • Consistent and reliable counting of cash and detection of fraud notes during both cash deposit and cash withdrawal.

  • A recycler is more cost effective than 2 specialized devices of dispensing and depositing especially in locations where amount of cash deposit and cash withdrawal is balanced.

  • The 24x7 nature of the service would mean banks can offer cash deposit services after business hour especially in locations where traders and businessmen operate their businesses beyond business hours. These devices hence can be a source of customer acquisition or retention of customer services.

  • A new range of value added services can be offered by the bank which would normally be done at teller counter e.g. bill payment versus cash etc. These devices can also be used for money transfer services since they can operate in a card or cardless model.

  • The machine can support Off-Us cash deposits leading to an additional revenue opportunity for the bank in the next phase.

ATM Refurbishment

CashLink Global Systems is the first corporate which involves ATM Refurbishment in India. Refurbished ATMs will always be the smart option because they are as reliable as new machines and cost less than half the price.

All refurbished ATMs undergo a strict quality inspection before facilities in India. Refurbished ATMs are good for the environment because many used ATM parts and modules would have ended up in landfill, had they not been remanufactured and also be upgraded to clients' specific requirements.

We strive to make every refurbished ATM look and operate like new. Our extensive refurbishing process is described below:

  • The machine is dismantled completely and all of the components are removed, cleaned, and assembled with new consumable parts

  • The interior of the ATM is then blown out and cleaned and any exterior blemishes are sanded and repaired

  • The ATM is painted inside our automotive paint booth

  • The ATM is reassembled with quality inspection and any requested upgrades

  • The completed unit is bolted, wrapped, and strapped to a pallet

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