Support Services


CGS implements the best practices of Service Programs with the support of its pool of handpicked skill sets from and for the ATM industry.

Continuing the tradition of HMA of offering quality services to its customers, CGS now offers 'best of Second Line Maintenance Services', that provides an option to Banks and ISOs, who desire to have an independent choice of SLM providers and not be restricted to the OEMs.

Easing out the trend of expensive and proprietary hold on second Line services by vendors who install their machines, CGS provides professional, quality, complete and cost-effective solutions to customers.

In the ATM service business, CGS's professional expertise is capable of providing total solutions to our customers, ranging from ATM Installation and De-Installation, Relocation, Transportation, Handling, Testing, Commissioning, Operational Training and SLM.

CGS is currently the largest 3rd party ATM/SST servicing company on a pan India basis. We presently maintain thousands of Terminals with over 850+ Serviced Locations supported through 90+ Manned Support Centers.

CGS strives to see that its strong support service provides full confidence to customers in meeting their daily challenges.


CGS Services is capable of supporting ATMs and CDs of all major brands, including HITACHI, OKI, NCR, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung, Perto and GRG.

We also exclusively maintain Cobra and Kalebra Cash Sorters of DeLaRue as well as take care of repair of some of their modules.

We have recently commenced supporting on a pan-India basis Self Service Ticketing and Information Kiosks, predominantly located at Railway Stations, including Metro Rail.


CGS offers three categories of services. Broadly, they are:

  • Standard SLM Services
  • Additional Chargeable ATM SLM Services
  • Additional Special Services

Standard SLM Services which are a part of our AMC contract, cover complete Second Level Maintenance (SLM) customizable for 24 x 7 or other service windows depending on the customerís needs and the ATMís placement and availability. Besides, this category of service also includes by default one Preventive Maintenance check-up per quarter per terminal. We also include EJ recovery / copy requirements which come up from time to time.

Additional chargeable ATM SLM Services are those services which are made from time to time and at the request of the customer. These include:

  • ATM Installation
  • ATM De-Installation
  • 24 x 7 manned technical Help Desk
  • Rollout of new software patches across the network
  • Rollout of new hardware upgrades across the ATM network

Special ATM Services are those services which are made on a chargeable basis upon request from our customer. These include:

  • Surprise audit of ATM sites human environmental aspect
  • Surprise audit of ATM services provided to the bank by a different agency
  • Training regarding to ATM operations and DOs & Doníts to CRA/CIT agencies and Custodians.

Any other special request from our customers, which can be fulfilled by CGS.

Over 3 Decades of domain knowledge in offering state-of-the-art retail banking automation