Prepaid Card Solution - StarIFPS

StarIFPS is a “Prepaid Card Issuance and Authorization System” which allows the end customer to run their prepaid card business tailor made to suit their business requirements. It is designed in such a way that all the different kinds prepaid business logic can be configured in a highly flexible way and provides a very robust environment for authorizing the online prepaid card transactions.

Special Features :

StarIFPS is able to issue prepaid cards for a variety of domains like Banking, College, Health Care, Insurance etc. and allows the end customer to configure the business rules as per their requirements.

Typically for banking StarIFPS can issue
  • TRAVEL CARD (Multi-Currency)
  • CORPORATE CARD (Salary Disbursement)
  • FUEL CARD etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Having focused over 30 years on the Retail Banking Sector, the group with a vision to expand the business of providing highly efficient & customer-centric services, expanded into banking, development and promotion of Payment & Card Solutions for global requirements.

Value Added Services
HSM Supply, Maintenance and Support
Card Personalization Printer and EMV Personalization Application
POS Application Development and Customization