StarPHONEBANK is a CGS's innovative Voice Response Solution facilitates round-the-clock, across-the-globe banking transactions. StarPHONEBANK, the state-of-the-art solution, designed with sophisticated tools & modern technology, incorporates one of the best PSTN interface cards in the market, compatible with the incredible capability of the solution to handle large no. of branches under a "single region".
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StarPHONEBANK is one of the few products in the marketplace customized for both the "Centralized & Distributed Database environments". It empowers the banks to offer its customers the most remarkable option of "Anywhere Banking". While the solution is compatible with any "SWITCH using ISO8583 message structure", it incorporates a wide range of security measures to "safeguard an enterprise from operational and transactional frauds. Apart from facilitating "storage of all tele-baking transactions", it enables the users to "generate transaction reports", "maintain transaction log" for analyzing the customer response to the Phone- Banking service and "view reports", transaction-wise, date-wise & cardholder number wise. The distinctive feature of the software is to enable the banks to keep track of all the transactions carried through StarPHONEBANK. This unique advantage, not only enables the users to "monitor on-line calls in progress", but all "rectify the faults", if any, in immediate succession. In addition, the application
  • Offers the Option to "configure greeting messages" that could be played along with the welcome notes, on the eve of festivals
  • Additional feature to configure the option of offering "Tri-Language Support"
  • Supports most advanced Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Enables the users to monitor line status
Security Features
CGS's state-of-the-art software, ensures complete security to its customer's applications and business operations. Our comprehensive security system strictly adheres to standard password and user-id controls. Also, our secure encryption and decryption process enforces strict confidentiality. Some of the key security features compatible with the prevailing industry standards are as follows:
  • TPIN : The TPIN is generated using the DES algorithm and will be encrypted and stored in the database. This ensures safeguard to the message and the database against the threat of hacking
  • Password : The entry into the database is strictly restricted by a "password"
  • PIN Activation : The administrator can activate / regenerate a PIN whenever the customer forgets the PIN
  • Message Encryption : All the messages are encrypted using the DES algorithm
  • 3-time Entry : Customer is allowed to retry for a maximum of three times. If the incorrect PIN is entered thrice, Customer's access is denied and the System exits from the set-up
Bank's Benefits
  • Highly economical and cost-effective for banks in distributed database environment, as StarPHONE BANK can process transactions carried out by N number of bank branches networked under that region.
  • Banks have a definite competitive edge over their competitors, as they are empowered to attract customers by offering them modern tele-banking facility.
  • Customer Satisfaction : in this era of consumer-driven market, hi-tech services of "ANYWHERE Banking" enables banks to strengthen bank-customer relationships, acquire, satisfy and effectively retain those customers who might otherwise defect to competitors. In addition, it keeps customers happy with shorter queues as large number of customers would avail the facility of tele-banking.
  • Minimum overhead expenses : Advanced technology and automation by freeing banks resources to more profitable commercial activities, enhances staff productivity, increases customer transactions & curtails overhead expenses.
  • Marketing : StarPHONE Banking also encourages effective tele-marketing of latest banking products & services, amongst the existing customers and even non- customers.
Customer's Benefits
  • Convenient Banking : Answers to all the queries are now just a phone call away. Baring transactions related to deposits and withdrawal, where physical presence is required, account holders can now enjoy the comfort to access wide range of information, related to their transactions, latest products & services of the banks, from their houses. Physical presence and time are no longer a constraint.
  • 24/7 service : Customers can carry out transactions round-the-clock from anywhere
  • Lower cost as the customers have to bear the nominal expense of the telephone calls only
  • Transaction Security : Enhanced security measures like generating PIN using the DES key algorithm, which is used in the software, safeguards Customers interests against operational & various transactional frauds
  • Tri-language support enables banks to attract local customers not well-versed with English
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