ATM Monitoring - StarCAS

StarCAS is a Control Access System for EFT Switch, having the capability to ‘Control & Monitor’ the delivery channels such as ATM, POS, Kiosk etc. and generate various relevant reports for Decision Support System.

It is a browser based Front End Monitoring Software, which can be integrated with EFT Payment Switch with ease.

StarCAS web interface is lightweight, scalable and responsive application which can be accessible in multiple devices. StarCAS is a Dynamic Reporting Tool which provides dynamic statistics reports for ATM, POS, E-Com & M-Com transactions which can be downloaded in different formats.

StarCAS is a web-based Client - Server GUI application, which can be integrated with any EFT Switching application to provide the following features.

  • EFT Process / Task Monitoring & Controlling
  • EFT Port Monitoring & Controlling
  • EFT Device Monitoring & Controlling
  • EFT Switch Configuration
  • Generate user friendly Reports
  • ABB / Teller Module
EFT Switch Controling & Monitoring
Device Monitoring (ATM, POS, SST, Teller, Host etc.)
Status of ATM (Online / Offline / Out of Service etc.)
Deployed on Latest Open Source Technology
StarCAS Architecture


  • Locating the ATMs
  • Monitoring Connectivity Status of ATMs
  • Monitoring Cassette Information of ATMs
  • Monitoring Health Status of ATMs
  • Monitoring Transaction Frequency Level of ATMs
  • Monitoring Cash Position of ATMs
  • Generation of Statistical Reports for each ATM
  • Suspect Transactions Report

Product Highlights

  • Richness of 'Client-Server' Architecture with Oracle back-end.
  • Flexible user management with powerful user authentication module.
  • Configuration module to add/modify ATM, BIN, FIT etc.
  • Admin Card / Supervisor Card for ATM Cash Load.
  • Call Centre for Card Block / Warm Card / Lost Card / Activate the Card from previous state.
  • Switch file generation for Reconciliation.
  • Dynamic Reporting Tool.


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