Prepaid Card Solutions - StarIFPS

StarIFPS is a “Prepaid Card Issuance and Authorization System” which allows the end customer to run their prepaid card business tailor made to suit their business requirements. It is designed in such a way that all the different kinds of prepaid business logic can be configured in a highly flexible way and provides a very robust environment for authorizing the online prepaid card transactions.

StarIFPS is able to issue prepaid cards for a variety of domains like Banking, College, Health Care, Insurance etc. and allows the end customer to configure the business rules as per their requirements.

Typically for banking StarIFPS can issue

  • Gift Card
  • Travel Card (Multi-Currency)
  • Corporate Card
  • Reloadable Prepaid Card
  • Fuel Card etc.
Supports Wide Variety of Cards
PCI Compliance & PA-DSS Certified
Online Commission & Float Posting
Multi-Currency Support

Product Highlights

  • Bulk Customer Registration and Bulk Top-Up.
  • Supports both “Personalized Card” and "Instant Card" Issuance.
  • Supports Green PIN / PIN Printing in Pin Mailer.
  • Supports Maintenance Activities such as Card Activation, Temp Block, RE-PIN & Close.
  • Supports search, view transaction details and generate statements for each card.
  • Supports Multi-Institutions & Dispute Management.
  • Maintain Audit Trail for each activity in application.
  • Supports Fee/Limit/Commission/Discounts for Merchants and Customer cards.


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