Debit Card Management System - StarCARDMAN

StarCARDMAN is a web-based PCI DSS compliant ATM / Debit Card Issuance and Maintenance Software Solution, designed specifically for the banking segment dealing with small to huge clientele base.

It offers services ranging from Registration of cards, Generation of PIN/CVV/CVV2, generation of ASCII files for third party Card Personalization purpose, Link file generation for various ATMs routing Switch to Card Issuance.

CGS through its State-of-the-Art Product manages the Complete Life Cycle of Card Production & Maintenance.

StarCARDMAN is capable of generating cards with different interchange formats like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay, CUP and/or any other Interchange or National Networks.

Supports both Instant & Personalized Card Issuance
PCI Compliance & PA-DSS Certified
Supports Green PIN & Traditional PIN both
Supports EMV & Magnetic Strip Cards

Product Highlights

  • StarCARDMAN has a richness of 'Client-Server' architecture as well as a web-based module.
  • PADSS certified and PCI-DSS compliant product.
  • Supports most of the international and national interchanges such as MASTER, VISA, CUP & RuPay.
  • Has flexible user management in which different privileges can be assigned / revoked to individual /group of users. Maintain and log detailed audit trail.
  • Supports configuration of BIN, Limits, PIN Mailer, and Account Type etc.
  • Supports Traditional and Green PIN both.
  • Supports Single Card linked with Multiple Account (OAR) and Multiple Cards linked with Single Account.


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