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HMA Group, is one of the most reputed & respected business conglomerates, possessing over 30 years of domain knowledge in offering state-of-the-art retail banking solutions. The group has the honor of being the only corporate to have introduced the “ATM Revolution in India” and bring in the concept of “outsourcing” to the banking industry. Having focused over 30 years on the Retail Banking Sector, the group with a vision to expand the business of providing most efficient & customer-centric services, expanded into banking, development and promotion of Payment & Card Solutions for global requirements.

Today, the HMA Group, comprising of four companies, with its strong team of highly motivated professionals, operates in the vast arena of retail banking & realty, serves more than 150+ clients, in more than 850+ cities within India and is a dominant player in South East Asia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East & Africa.