EFT Switch Solution - EzLink Enterprise EFT Switch

EzLink Enterprise is a PADSS Certified, high performance credit and debit-processing EFT [ Electronic Fund Transfer ] switch capable of authorizing & routing any financial transaction based on the pre-defined rules/configuration. EzLink Enterprise can support a wide variety of platforms and configurations tailored to meet client, site specific and hardware requirements.

EzLink has the capability to drive any SST like ATM, Kiosk, POS and Teller Terminals directly. External Interface is provided through Std. ISO8583. EzLink is designed to handle the complex flow of acquirer & issuer transactions within as well as across different financial institutions in a very flexible/configurable way, thereby providing the exact solution tailored to meet the client requirement.


EzLink EFT Switch Architecture

EzLink follows a layered n-tier architecture in which the EzLink modules will be deployed over the EzKernel middleware. EzKernel is a very high performance server based middleware which can be deployed on any UNIX [Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX] based operating system. EzKernel provides all the essential operating system services to the application [here EzLink will be the application] deployed over it. The unique advantage of Ezlink is to support Multi-institution operation & driving Multi-brand ATMs & Multi-type terminal (ATM, kiosk, POS). Other outstanding advantages include being RuPay, MasterCard, VISA & CUP certified.

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